Mold Infestation & Why it Should Concern You

Molds are microscopic and very small in number at first, but when you let them multiply, they can cause a lot of trouble. They can damage your home and your health. That’s why mold removal is very crucial. As soon as you find out that mold is lurking in the corners of your house, take immediate action.

Why You Should Remove Mold ASAP

Whether you plan to remove the mold yourself or hire someone else to do it, make it happen as soon as possible. Why? Because they can spread very fast. In just a day or two, your house and furniture can be compromised. Despite their harmless look, molds can continually weaken the structure of your home until there’s nothing left to support it.

Mold is also dangerous to your health. It can cause several problems in respiration and in the skin. Irritation, rashes, itching of the eyes, nose, and throat can happen to those sensitive to mold. Those who are allergic to it will have difficulties in breathing.

The more harmful health effect can happen to those with weak immune systems as mold infections can develop inside their lungs. People with asthma can also suffer from respiratory distress because of exposure to mold.

How to Spot The Mold

Before you start cleaning, you need to be 100% sure if mold really infests your home. Signs of this can be found within you or your family. Some of the common indications are wheezing, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, dry skin, and sore throat. Of course, these symptoms may be caused by other health factors.

To know if molds are to blame, look for wet floors and walls. Indoor areas that are not often visited and have water damage are places where mold can grow. These spots will smell stuffy and decayed. When you locate these areas, the molds you are looking for are green, black, or discolored patches on the surface.

If you don’t see any signs of mold, you can hire a professional mold removal company. They excel in detecting and cleaning out mold that spread behind walls and other covered spots.

How to Eliminate Molds

If you are certain that the mold infestation in your house is not that serious, then you have an easy case. You can scrub out molds on a hard surface with a stiff sponge and cleaning solutions. You can also reduce the spread of mold by having a proper ventilation system as it can lessen the humidity inside. Because of that, regularly opening your windows to let air in will also help.

When you are weeding out the mold, always take safety measures. Because mold poses a threat to your respiratory health, wear a respirator mask. To avoid skin problems, wear rubber gloves. Never forget to clean up or dispose of the things you used for cleaning.

But if you think that your mold problems are very pressing, contacting an expert is the best option. They have the experience and proper equipment to give the best results.